Yoshi Shiraki started his hair styling career in London, England over 20 years ago where he studied under the most prestigious hair school in the world at that time, “The London, Vidal Sassoon Academy”.


After graduating from “The London Vidal Sassoon Academy”, Yoshi than relocated back to the States to New York City where he worked for the 5th avenue Vidal Sassoon salon located in the heart of some of this country’s most expensive and high end shopping with neighboring businesses such as Gucci, Tiffany’s, Prada, Saks 5th ave, Bergdorf & Goodman, Barney’s, Henry Bendels, etc…


During Yoshi’s career, he accumulated an elite clientele of rich and famous individuals that he would service in the salon, at their home, or place of business.  On several occasions a small group of Yoshi’s clients would fly him to Los Angeles or Las Vegas from New York City to cut their hair.


Yoshi also loves educating other stylists as he has an absolute passion for teaching.  Yoshi has traveled the world educating stylists from New York City to Baltimore to Salt Lake City, to London and Tokyo to name a few places.  One of Yoshi’s most memorable teaching experience is when one of Japan’s largest salon companies hired Yoshi and flew him to Tokyo and housed him for over 3 months while Yoshi performed seminars and “one on one” classes for hundreds of their employees. 


If you would like to know more about Yoshi, check out his Pro Stylist web page at http://prostylist.org/about/


If you are interested in scheduling a haircut with Yoshi Shiraki, it is by appointment only so please call (801) 278-4497 as soon as possible to schedule your appointment to prevent losing your preferred appointment time due to Yoshi’s schedule booking up. 


If you are interested in hiring Yoshi Shiraki for educating purposes such as one on one classes or group classes for stylists at your salon please call (801) 278-4497 for more information. 


Yoshi can cater the education to your desire, by either teaching a “seminar” where he will perform a haircut and explain the technique he is implementing or he can teach by implementing a “hands on” class where the student executes the haircut under Yoshi’s guidance or lastly, Yoshi can teach by doing “both classes” back to back which is what is recommended for maximum benefit.  For class descriptions, please see below. 



Yoshi Shiraki’s Prices:

Haircut and Blow Dry -   $108                                      *By appointment only                       





Seminar Class- $200 Flat Fee 

Yoshi performs a haircut, step by step while explaining the technique that he is implementing.  Length of time is approximately 2 hours and the size of class is unlimited, so the more participants who attend, the cheaper the cost per person.


Hands On Class - $200 Flat Fee

Yoshi will guide you step by step through a haircut while showing and explaining the technique to you that will be implemented and then you get to execute the haircut!  Yoshi will work hand and hand with you on the haircut to make sure you are executing the technique correctly.  Length of time is approximately 2 hours and the size of class is left to your discretion but recommended to be 4 people or less, definitely recommended to be no more than 8 people as the smaller the group, the more this will allow Yoshi to give each person more personal attention.


Both Seminar Class & Hands On Class - $400

Yoshi will start by first performing a haircut sharing and explaining the technique he is using and after the haircut is complete, the class will then convert into the hands on training class.  Length of time is approximately 4 hours.  Please refer to the above descriptions of each class for the recommended size per class. 



*Yoshi specializes strictly in cutting and does not color or perm